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Vicki Logan was born in Escanaba, MI and grew up in the town of Rapid River where she lived on a small hobby farm.  Nature always played a huge part in her life and she was outside whenever she got the chance.

Vicki's mother and grandmother had pianos in their homes, so she would listen to songs and play them when she could.  The first song she learned to play was a duet with her Aunt Lynette.  She would sit there with Lynn for what seemed like hours playing little tunes.

Vicki started playing the flute in elementary school, but was never very good at sight reading music notes.  It was always easier for her to listen to others play to learn the parts.  The school was small and dependent on the locals passing tax programs to keep art, music and teachers employed so music education wasn't always available.

After high school, Vicki got away from playing music but it didn't keep her from going to music events.  In college, she found herself plunking out piano tunes on the pianos in the practice rooms.  She'd be in there for lunch, between classes, whenever she could go.  At one point she rented a flute and tried to learn the notes again in order to play in the concert band.  After one semester, the band director asked her not to try out because the other girls were intimidated and she wasn't a music major.

Many years later, Vicki got a job working for Folk Era Records doing graphic design work.  She started learning about the music industry, marketing, meeting some artists and performing.  She met her husband, Carl, and he bought a keyboard for her.  In 2000, Vicki released her first CD.  It was supposed to be a demo, but she ended up signing with an independent label for 2 years.  She later ended that contract.

Vicki learned as much as she could from everyone around her and from listening to all types of music.  She critiques and analyses it all the time.  She is constantly trying new instruments, techniques, styles, ideas.  She still doesn't read music, but it doesn't seem to matter.  She picked up the Native American flute in 2014 and has not looked back.  It seems as that is the instrument that has made the biggest impact on her and has spoken to her in ways none of the others have. 


To date, Vicki has released 8 CDs of original music; music played from her heart and soul inspired by nature and events from her life.  She hopes that it brings joy and comfort to those who need it.  It's a little bit of positive energy that she can send out to the world and to all who wish to hear it.   






Chasing Dreams                Released 2000

Finding My Way                 Released 2003          NAR's TOP 100 New Age Albums 2003

The Ride                            Released 2004          NAR's TOP 100 New Age Albums 2004

The Journey To

   the Places In My Soul     Released 2009         NAR's TOP 100 New Age Albums 2009

DREAM WALKER             Released 2014          NAR's TOP 100 New Age Albums 2014

​Sound Paintings                Released 2016          Nominated for Best Native American Album

                                                                                of 2016 at One World Music, UK

                                                                            GAIA - #15 of Top 100 Best Contemporary

                                                                                 Instrumental Albums of 2016

Born Out of Chaos             Released 2020

The Eighth Fire (single)      Released 2021        Nominated for Best Flute Single 2021

                                                                                   One World Music, UK

                                                                             Winner - New England Song Competition

                                                                                    Instrumental category - 2022


         Chicago Chapter
         1608 West Belmont Ave., Suite 202
         Chicago, IL  60657

Past Performances: 

The International New Age Trade Show Denver 2003, INATS 2004 in Orlando, FL; Edge Life Expo at the Minneapolis Convention Center;  Mid-America Senior Spring Expo at Mystic Lake Casino, Prior Lake; Hazelden; Fairview University Hospital; fundraising concerts for various organizations i.e. St. Bernard Rescue and Amery Radio (NPR station); retirement communities; showcases for MN Assoc. of Songwriters, Just Plain Folks; dinner cruises on the St. Croix River (Taylors Falls Boat Tours), performances at the Flower and Garden Show on Navy Pier in Chicago, IL, Almelund Cancer Walk in Minnesota, Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento, CA; the Iowa State Fair, the Minnesota State Fair (talent contest 2 years), MN Horse Expo at the state fairgrounds, MSP International Airport (holidays), Tree Frog Festival in Minnesota, Ass In the Grass Music and Craft Fair in Woodland Park, CO and many craft fairs and festivals within Minnesota and beyond, various assisted living, retirement homes and hospitals.

Radio Stations Airing/Have Aired Vicki Logan's Music:


​Jazz 88 FM;  Minneapolis, MN     
WFIT 89.5 FM;  Palm Bay, FL     
WERU 89.9 and 102.9 FM; 
    East Orland, ME 
WTUL 91.5 FM;  New Orleans, LA    
KTUH 90.3 FM;  Honolulu, HI    
KTEP 88.5 FM;  El Paso, TX     
WUSM 88.5 FM;   Hattiesburg, MS    
WSCS 90.9 FM;   New London, NH    
KRBD 105.9 FM;  Ketchikan, AK
AOL Radio - New Age Channel; 
    San Francisco, CA    
WFWM - Stangle  91.7 FM;
   Frostburg, MD
WQLN  91.3 FM;  Erie, PA
KALA  88.5 FM;  Davenport, IA
KMSU/KMSK 89.7 FM;  Mankato, MN
WKMS 91.3 FM;  Murray, KY
WELW 1330/1380 AM;  Willoughby, OH
WOJB  88.9 FM;  Hayward, WI
WOMR  92.1 FM;  Provincetown, MA
WZBC 90.3 FM;  Summorville, MA
WERU  89.9 FM/102.9 FM; 
    Hampden, ME
WSCS 90.9 FM;  New London, NH  
WFIT-NYC 540 AM;  New York, NY
WJFF  90.5 FM;  Jeffersonville, NY
WSIA 88.9 FM;  Staten Island, NY
KUFM/KGPR 89.1 FM;  Missoula, MT
Radio ARAD; 2900 - Arad, Romania
KCCU 89.3FM;  Lawton, OK
KTEP 88.5 FM;  El Paso, TX
WFCF  88.5 FM;  St. Augustine, FL
WTUL 91.5 FM;  Harvey, LA
WFAE 90.7 FM;  Charlotte, NC
WFSS 91.9 FM;  Fayetteville, NC
KXCI  91.3 FM;  Tucson, AZ
KJCD 104.3 FM;  Denver, CO
KNUA;  Albuquerque, NM
Radio DESPI 107.2;  Barcelona, Spain
Radio SLOR 
    Ridderkerk, The Netherlands
KZYX/KZYZ 90.7/91.5 FM;  Philo, CA
KZYX/KZYZ  90.7/91.5 FM;  Philo, CA
KSTK 101.7 FM;  Wrangell, AK
KTOO 104.3 FM   Juneau, AK
KKCR 90.0/91.9 FM  Kilauea, HI
WDVR 89.7/91.1;  Sergeantsville, NJ
KCOZ 91.7 FM;  Point Lookout, MO
WTPI 107.9 FM;  Indianapolis, IN
WKNH 91.3 FM;  Keene, NH
WKNH 91.3 FM;  Keene, NH
WKDT 89.3 FM;  West Point, NY
KBYI 100.5 FM;  Rexburg, ID
KOCV 91.3 FM ;  Odessa, TX
WAWL 91.5 FM;  Chattanooga, TN
KWYK 94.9 FM;  Farmington, NM
KUAI/KSHK 720 AM; Kapaa, HI
WRGC/WHIR 860 AM;  Sylva, NC
WDBX 91.1 FM;  Carbondale, IL
WNMU 90.1 FM;  Marquette, MI 
WAER 88.3 FM;  Syracuse, NY
WSKG 89.3 FM;  Binghamton, NY
KSER 90.7 FM;  Everett, WA
KAMU 90.9 FM;  College Station, TX
KGLP 91.7 FM;  Gallup, NM
KRBC 91.1 FM ;  Rohnert Park, CA
KVMR 89.5/99.3/103.7; 
    Nevada City, CA
KRSC 91.3 FM ;  Tulsa, OK
KANZ 91.1 FM;  Garden City, KS
KUMR 88.5 FM;  Rolla, MO
KRCU 90.9 FM;  Cape Girardeau, MO
WJCU 850 AM;  University Heights, OH
WRUW 91.1 FM;  Cleveland, OH
KPBX 91.1 FM;  Spokane, WA
WCHT 600 AM; Escanaba, MI
WJZW 105.9 FM;  Washington, DC
WFAS 103.9 FM/1230 AM; 
    North White Plains, NY
KVLU 91.3;  Beaumont, TX
KSUU 91.1 FM;  Cedar City, UT
KSSU 91.1 FM;  Cedar City, UT
KNOM 96.1 FM/780 AM;  Nome, AK
WEBR 99.5 FM;  Fairfax, VA
KCUR 89.3 FM;  Kansas City, MO
WBOI 89.1 FM;  Fort Wayne, IN
WNEC 91.7 FM;  Henniker, NH
WFIT 89.5 FM;  Melbourne, FL
WQFS 90.9 FM;  Greensboro, NC
KBAC 98.1 FM;  Santa Fe, NM
KCAW 104.7 FM;  Sitka, AK
WGDR 91.1 FM;  Plainfield, VT
KFSK 100.9 FM;  Petersburg, AK
WYSO 91.3 FM;  Yellow Springs, OH
KGHP 89.9 FM;  Gig Harbor, WA
KRVS 88.7 FM;  LaFayette, LA
KSUT 91.3 FM;  Ignacio, CO
NIGHTLIGHT - Syndicated Program - AK   

     KUAC/KIYU/KSKO/KTNA/KXGA/KZPA/KCHU/KXKM/9 other translators

Radio Delilah - Jones Music Network
    (nationally syndicated)

CBC Digital - Celebration Starsong;  Toronto, ON Canada  
    (national broadcast)

Audiovisions and Watercolors on XM Satellite Radio!
    Channels 103 and 71

The Upper Room with Joe Kelley
WVOF 88.5 FM Fairfield, CT


Several Internet Radio Stations playing the music on a consistent basis:

• New Artist Radio
• The Upper Room with Joe Kelley
• The Horizon
• Radio Free Virgin
• Clear Channel’s New Music Network and more!

​"Sometimes when you sit down to listen to a piece of music, it is best not to over-analyze it. It is best to just sit and listen just because it is fun. Such is the case with ‘The Ride’, by Vicki Logan. Vicki is relatively new to songwriting, but for the most part seems to have a good sense of what ma​kes a song tick. is interesting to see how she is influenced by the likes of Vangelis, Enrico Morriconne, GeorgeBenson, a smidge of Jethro Tull, and some Robert Haig Coxon thrown into the mix for good measure."

Bill Wright, GODS OF MUSIC
April 2004 review



"Vicki Logan is an excellent example of what can be achieved when a talented artist shares a part of themselves by putting their heart and spirit into the creation of their music. Incorporating elements of New Age, Pop, Jazz, and R & B influences provides the listener a fresh perspective with each classic piece she produces. After discovering the music of Vicki Logan, you will find yourself recalling her inspiring melodies over and over in your mind daily."


Blog Host – John P. Olsen

New Age Music World



"For me Dream Walker by Vicki Logan was a much needed breath of fresh air, a shot in the arm of enjoyable and inventive vigorous music, I would have absolutely no qualms about recommending this album to any listener out there and we at One World Music will be hitting the replay button on this album for quite a while. Logan should be proud of this one; she has delivered a superb album, skilfully produced and exceptionally performed, defiantly note this album on your "To Get" list today."


Steve Sheppard

Read the full review by clicking HERE.




  • Name : Peter Olson

  • Subject : The Dance of the Andalusian

  • Message : Heard this song on Montana Public Radio; program called Sojourn; 05-12-14. Most beautiful piece of music I've heard in decades. THANK YOU.

  • Sent on: 12 May, 2014

  • (This e-mail was used with permission)



GAIA Internet Radio writes:


In the artist’s own words:


“Whenever I felt I needed to think…to run away from the problems going on in my life, I always ran to nature; the woods, the lake, riding my horse, sitting with my critters. Sometimes it was best to just be. It was easier to think that way and solve my issues. Sometimes there weren’t issues to solve, but questions to ask that I knew no person could answer. The music here is all part of those processes and much of it is positive and happy because no matter how grim things seemed to look, the answer was never to keep being sad, depressed or angry. The answer was always to live; to learn; to realize that my gift was my music and sharing that gift was going to help someone get through what I had to get through too.”


From our perspective, this album features strong, creative, and sophisticated instrumentals with Native American, Celtic, and other elements creating music inspired by nature and the mysteries of life. It also stands out as clearly one of our favorite albums so far in 2014 and we highly recommend it. Vicki Logan has not only written all the the songs on this album, but she also performs nearly all of the various instrumental tracks, with the exception of the percussion. The music alone is of much higher quality than that of numerous professionally produced CDs in the same genre from the past few years. Moreover, the CD is essentially self-produced, with Vicki also doing all of the photography and graphic arts work for the CD. Simply astonishing!

Vicki Logan Hi Res 8X10 download.jpg
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