Writings and Videos on Vicki's Musical Experiences

Vicki Shares Her Thoughts and Music Musings

Welcome to my thoughts and music musings!  Here I will share with you ideas and my feelings in regards to music. 


I've decided that this year I am going to make a few videos and write about what I have experienced and learned during my 20 years in the music industry...the good, the bad, and the ugly!  Some things people will balk at and some things people will agree with, but what I write is not to please anyone or support anyone's beliefs.  What I write here is what I believe and what I have experienced.  Nothing more; nothing less.  This is my path and no one else's.  Take what I have learned and use those things which help you and leave those that don't. 


I don't believe in competition; never have and never will.  In the end, we follow the music that touches us in some way, whether it be that we like the beat, the licks of a guitar, the lyrics, the artist.  Music evokes an emotion of some kind and we have many emotions open to being touched by many different songs.  Look at your music collection.  You don't have one artist in it.  You have many.  Thus, it's not about being the best songwriter or musician.  It's about communicating and relating.  It's about being the best YOU can be.  To me, that is what music is all about.  It's about sharing all that I am with all of you to let you know that you are not alone and that there are people out there who care about life and this world; who care about you...even if you don't know them or they, you.

If it's one thing that you remember about your music, remember this.  It's not about money or awards or what the BUSINESS says about you and your music.  It's about what you have to say and how you say it.  There will ALWAYS be someone who likes what you do; you will ALWAYS have fans.  There is no right or wrong way to write a song, but there is a commercial way.  If you want to be a business, then you must learn the business and become a business person.  If you just want to write songs and play because you enjoy it, you can and the only person stopping you is you.

February 11, 2021 - Thoughts on inspiration.

Damn it's cold outside!  Wow!  So I am inside trying to get a little inspiration to write some more songs.  For me, the things that inspire me most are nature, critters, the waves splashing the shores of the Great Lakes, driving over the Mackinac Bridge (a 5 mile long suspension bridge - a marvel and testament of what working together can accomplish), waterfalls...I'm sure you get it.  Calm and amazement!

Anyhow, being cooped up inside makes it hard, but I am trying!

One of the things I do after I've written a song is to "test it out" on people.  I like to play it for random strangers in my car or over a speaker.  With coronavirus nixing that ability, I now find other ways to get people to listen.  I'm not a big you tuber or social media mogul, so I have to find other ways.  

One of the ways I hone my performances and my music is to perform for free at assisted living homes, retirement communities and hospitals.  As the weather gets nicer, I will call and offer a performance outside.  The equipment I have now allows me to run on batteries so there is no need for electric.  I can play in a parking lot or outside space allowing social distancing and plenty of ventilation for those who wish to be outside or listen from their room windows.  Sometimes I receive donations from people to play for a specific home that may be too far for me.  That donation covers my travel and/or CDs for residents.  

In the end, I get to see how my music is received and I get to help people who cannot get out into the world like they did before.  It's a win/win for us all.  To me, THAT is what my music is all about.  THAT is what gives me the most pleasure in life;  knowing that maybe I am making someone happy and helping someone who may feel lonely or sad.  If I can brighten someone's day and give them positive energy, then I've done my job.

April 29, 2021 - Thoughts on electronics vs acoustic and perfectly imperfect.

I get this question all the time and it's something a lot of musicians have a pretty hard stance on.  Electronics or acoustic.

Let's get real here.  In my opinion, it's about tools that help you create music.  There are guitars of all types, drums, wind instruments, pianos, there are sticks, stones, birds, water, glasses, and on and on.  There are so many things out there that make sound and sound put together with other sounds can create moods and feelings and communication.  For me, it's never about the instrument you use, but about how you use it.  I cannot play guitar, but I can use my synths to emulate it.  Is that wrong?  I don't think so.  It's another way to create a specific sound.  I play flutes and even use synth flutes.  Is that wrong?  Again, it's another way to get sounds.  I've recorded trees and wind and birds and all of those sounds have been used in recordings because those sounds help to create an effect; they help to enhance a feeling or message that I am trying to portray.  So, music isn't always about what we've been taught or pushed to like through commercialism.  Music is using sounds to create an audio environment communicating/evoking a response of some type.

Now, I believe that musicians who play their instruments are more valuable than the instruments they play.  Why?  Because they have something to say.  They can evoke a response and enhance a song in ways that electronics cannot.  Electronics cannot feel.  Electronics are not intelligent.  Only a musician - or lets say a human - has those qualities. 


I do NOT believe in perfection.  Humans can never be perfect, but we can be perfectly imperfect.  We strive to play our best and there are some incredible musicians out there who have accomplished amazing performances!  Many we'd say prefect!  But, remember, they had to practice, practice, practice and work hard.  Every day they dedicate time to their craft.  Every day they strive for better.  I commend them for such dedication.  Lord knows where I could be if I had half of their determination and skills. But I accept that which I have and live as I see fit.  In the end, it's about being happy.  If you are happy where you are, awesome!  If you are not, find out what you need to do and do it!  It's not about the rest of the world.  In the end, it's about you.  If YOU are happy, then you will find that those around you change and your environment changes.  It's that law of attraction at work.  Believe me, it's true.