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PLEASE BE SAFE during this coronavirus outbreak!  Self quarantine, if not for yourself, for the people who will suffer greatest if they contract this deadly virus.

I will be doing so for the safety of my grandchildren, as they have CF, and for anyone else I might have to see in the future who may have a compromised immune system or other respitory complication.  I want to make sure I don't get it or spread it to people who could suffer greatly or even die.  PLEASE take this virus seriously.  Trump and this administration is NOT doing what is best for us.  They are doing what is best for their reelection and their bottom lines.  My life, my family, friends, fans, and ALL people, no matter who, where or how they got here, in general, are too important for these political games and intrigues.


For info please follow these links.  Although some are international, this information is crucial and can be applied to our situation. 

     WHO (World Health Organization)...  click here

     Government of Canada...  click here

     Federal Ministry of Health (Germany)...  click here

     Cystic Fibrosis Foundation...  click here


Putting in my own words, my music means delivering hope and joy to those who may need it at a time when life seems to be handing out the worst to us.  My music is meant to inspire; to help us to get through times when we want to give up.  It's meant to convey all the beauty that life has to offer even though sometimes we may not be able to see it. 


It's an honor for me to be able to communicate through my music all the best things I can.  I hope that I honor all the musicians and people who have made the world a better place for having shared their music with me.  And, I thank all of the people before me who have continued to share that which, at one time, may have been unshareable.  Keeping traditions and cultures alive, taking care of our people, our earth and our animals is the most important job of all and if I can help in some way by sharing my music, then I have accomplished what I believe I've been put here for.

I thank all of you for supporting my music and allowing me to speak my voice through my songs.

Enjoy the site and Always Keep Chasing Your Dreams!

For a limited time, I am giving away FREE downloads of my entire album "Born Out of Chaos" (for personal use only).  It is my gift to the world for all that people do for one another; for rising to the challenge regardless of the political atrocities that take place.  I hope you will enjoy it and that it helps get us through the rough times ahead.

"Born Out of Chaos"   

Vicki's newest CD of original music here! 


Inspired by nature and the chaos of life, Vicki recorded many of the tracks outside capturing what it may have been like when people were first learning of the flutes - experiencing and evolving the communication of music.  She has also used electronics and current technology to fuse her vision of beginnings and endings, evolution of her learning and experiences and change.  Along the way, she's chosen to include Native American stories that remind us to embrace our differences, be kind to one another and remember our history. 


"We honor our history through the remembrance of it's truth.  We learn from it and build on it in the present which helps us to create a better future for all.  We only have one earth.  We are all one people.  Do we want the universe to see us as destroyers of our planet or caretakers of a jewel that has no equal among the skies? 

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