Welcome to the official Vicki Logan website!  10/18/21


Putting in my own words, my music means delivering hope and joy to those who may need it at a time when life seems to be handing out the worst to us.  My music is meant to inspire; to help us to get through times when we want to give up.  It's meant to convey all the beauty that life has to offer even though sometimes we may not be able to see it. 


It's an honor for me to be able to communicate through my music all the best things I can.  I hope that I honor all the musicians and people who have made the world a better place for having shared their music with me.  And, I thank all of the people before me who have continued to share that which, at one time, may have been unshareable.  Keeping traditions and cultures alive, taking care of our people, our earth and our animals is the most important job of all and if I can help in some way by sharing my music, then I have accomplished what I believe I've been put here for.

I thank all of you for supporting my music and allowing me to speak my voice through my songs.

Enjoy the site and

always keep chasing your dreams!

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"The Eighth Fire"

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won the instrumental category in the 23rd Annual New England Songwriting Competition!

NEW SINGLE "The Eighth Fire"

This single was recorded and performed entirely by Vicki from her home.  2020 brought us a pandemic that has made us look differently at how we do things; how we live.  It  exposed the corruption, greed and hate of many people within the world.  It sought to open our eyes and showed us 2 paths upon which to choose.  We can continue down the first road - the way of division; we can hate, blame, kill or we can take the second road - the road of unity; we can love each other, work together for the common good, embrace our differences and use them to effectively grow as a whole.  We can stay small as individuals or be great as one people.  It's up to us to bring about the change that we need and that we desire.  So, this single will be released and made FREE to everyone as Vicki's first step to start that change for 2021.  She is going all in for that second road and she hopes that there will be many, many more people that choose it as well. 



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I urge each and every one

of you who can, PLEASE get vaccinated for Covid-19. 

History shows us that we can defeat this virus if we all do our parts.   WEAR YOUR MASK and social distance.  It IS hard, but not as hard as losing a loved one or living with horrific side effects.  Masks and social distancing are temporary.  Damage due to the virus and losing a loved one are permanent



I recently took a Master Class with Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  He spoke about a gentleman he met who believed the world was flat.  He asked him what proof he needed to change his mind.  He told him what he needed and Tyson provided him with that evidence.  He still refused to believe.  The point?  Just because you have a personal belief, it doesn't mean it's the truth.  You can't go around looking for proof to support your belief just because you refuse to admit you are wrong.  That's not how facts and science work.  If we were to destroy ALL books about religion and science, the books about religion would all come back different yet every single book about science would come back exactly the same.  1+1 will always equal 2.